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    MFG, PART #DescriptionAvailabilityYour PriceQuantity
    CLE5510011161-7/8" Round Brush (prev. FV57$7.99
    CLE5510011171-7/8" Floor Brush/Squeegee$12.99
    CLE5510011211-7/8" Extension Wand (1 wand)$8.99
    CLE551001182Concentrator Nozzle$6.99
    CLE5510021152-1/2" Cone Blowing Tube (prev$9.99
    CLE5510021162-1/2" Extension Wand$9.99
    CLE551002117Air / Noise Diffuser (prev. TV$4.99
    CLE5510021192-1/2" CAR NOZZLE$11.99
    CLE5510021202-1/2" Crevice Tool (prev. FV6$8.99
    CLE5510021212-1/2" Blower Adapter (prev. F$3.50
    CLE5510031091-1/4" Extension Wand (14")$6.99
    CLE5510031101-1/4" Floor Nozzle (prev. FV7$4.10
    CLE5510031111-1/4" Floor Nozzle (prev. FV7$5.21
    CLE5510041131-1/4" Utility Nozzle prev# FV$4.99
    CLE5510041141-1/4" Crevice Tool (9 in) (p$4.99
    CLE5510041151-1/4" Combo Nozzle (prev. FV7$19.99
    CLE5510041161-1/4" Round Brush (prev. FV77$5.99
    CLE5510041171-1/4" Extension Wand - (singl$6.99
    CLE5510061102-1/2" Extension Wand$8.99
    CLE5510061112-1/2" Utility Nozzle (prev. V$9.99
    CLE5510061132-1/2" Crevice Tool (prev. FV6$8.99
    CLE5510061172-1/2" Floor/brush squeegee pr$14.99
    CLE5510081281-7/8" Metal Extension Wands A$29.99
    CLE5510081291-7/8" Car Nozzle (prev. FV57$8.99
    CLE5510081301-7/8" Round Brush (Horse Hair$9.99
    CLE5510081331-1/2" Steel Accessory Adapter$5.99
    CLE5510111091-7/8" Utility Nozzle (prev. F$7.99
    CLE5510121091-1/4" Crevice Tool (6 in). pr$3.59
    CLE551018115Power tool adapter$3.99
    CLE5510221201-1/2" floor nozzle with brush$19.99